Branding and Marketing for Hospitality and other Service Businesses

Services now drive economic growth across the world.

The IMF estimates that services now account for around two-thirds of the world's GDP. Even traditional products compete by offering services to pull themselves out of commodity status.

We specialise in the design and enhancement of service experiences and in the successful branding of service sector businesses.


Originating from work with such leading services businesses as Virgin Atlantic Airways, Emirates, Shangri-La Resorts and Ritz-Carlton Hotels, our expertise spans all aspects of service sector marketing and branding.

The Service Opportunity

Services need to be designed with the same rigor and care as a highly engineered product, with nothing left to chance. This is rarely the case, however. Service design is usually an afterthought. This is what makes it such an exciting opportunity for businesses!

Our role is to understand and manage the operations, culture, and structure of an organization for impact on the service experience.

We also look carefully at how well integrated the brand is with all aspects of marketing and communications as well as the effectiveness of service delivery itself.

Purple's 21st Year

Looking around today it’s clear that the business and branding ideas that Purple was set up to champion over 20 years ago are more relevant than ever - especially in the dynamic markets of South East Asia where we operate.

The need for definitive strategy, a distinctive positioning and the imagination and enthusiasm to make it all happen are still at the core of building great brands.

Indeed, the speed with which ideas are now transmitted around the world make Purple’s founding principles more relevant than ever.

Let’s get together and make it happen!

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Mark Grudzinski
Founder & Managing Director
Purple Branding & Marketing