Purple Brand Packages

We have packaged some of our signature services. Rates available on request.


Brand Positioning.jpg

Successful positioning is both an art and a science. We work with you to define your positioning and purpose (your Brand Heartbeat) and build your brand around it.


  • Brand Audit and Competitive Evaluation.
  • Internal Management and Staff Interviews.
  • Purpose and Positioning workshop (your Brand's Heartbeat).
  • Brand Development – creating your complete Brand Platform (Brand Purpose, Values, Personality and Architecture)

What your brand means for you:

  • Brand Alignment and Staff Engagement.
  • Developing a Communications Matrix to support your brand.
  • Defining and documenting your ‘Signature Service Style’ based on your brand positioning.



Vision Purpose and Core Values.jpeg

A one-day workshop to help hotels define their Vision, Purpose and Core Values.


  • SWOT Analysis to underpin the process – with a particular emphasis on your strengths and opportunities.
  • Creating an inspiring Vision of your brand’s future. The star on the horizon that you are moving towards.
  • Defining your Purpose (your motive for achieving your Vision). NOTE: We use Simon Sinek’s excellent ‘Start with Why’ approach.
  • Defining your Core Values which will guide everything you do.

This can be done on or off site – and is often best undertaken as part of a weekend retreat.


Service Craftsmanship.jpg

Delivering high standards of service are made easier using our Service Craftsmanship approach.

Involves using cutting edge approaches to service design and the customer experience.


  • Review and Audit of your current service delivery and standards.
  • A one-day multi-functional workshop to map out your current customer journey and critical points in need of attention and applying Service Craftsmanship tools – using Service Blueprinting.
  • A one-day workshop to define how to successfully implement service improvements across all departments.
  • Embedding your new approach among staff – a Service Craftsmanship Cascading Programme



EMPLOYEE BRAND ENGAGEMENT (Cascading your Brand Heartbeat)

Employee Brand Engagement.jpeg

Imagine everyone in your organisation enthusiastically delivering your brand.

Brand Engagement involves writing and cascading your Brand Heartbeat (encapsulated in a story) in an engaging way throughout your organisation – paying particular attention to those who have direct roles in creating the Brand Experience.

  • We convert your strategy into a story that encapsulates what your brand stands for and inspires your people about its future.
  • Everyone can contribute their own ideas about how to make your Brand Story a reality and then put them into practice
  • By enrolling key members of your team as storytellers the story is both credible to the audience and cost-effective to cascade.
  • A storytellers’ kit is produced and we recruit and train the storytellers.

Your people, quite literally, live your brand!