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Fusing Purpose and Positioning to ignite your Brand Heartbeat

Get your strategy right and everything else will fall into place.

  • Purple works with clients to fuse positioning and purpose to create their brand's heartbeat. The process is a mixture of art and science. The result has a magical dimension - transforming an idea into something with a life of its own.

  • No amount of downstream marketing pyrotechnics will help if you set off in the wrong direction. Time invested in getting your positioning and purpose right is time well spent.

  • Our thorough Brand Audit process gives us all we need to know to help you develop an effective strategy. Most of all, we identify what truly makes you special, what makes your brand special and uncover unique insights about your markets and customers.

Strategy Development Purplestorm Workshops

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During Strategy Development we challenge the ideas and conventions that may limit your options. We search for the opportunities that your future holds and identify the course that's right for you.

During Purplestorm workshops we run through a series of processes to ensure we get the most from every participant.

Pre-workshop preparation enables us to select techniques that most effectively address the issues your brand faces.

Purplestorm workshops are facilitated personally by Purple's Founder, Mark Grudzinski, and involve your core team. Sometimes, business partners and customers join too.

The end result is a clear and distinctive strategy: your Brand Heartbeat.


Brand Blueprint

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This sets out in one document every dimension of your brand – from the Vision and Purpose to its values and personality traits. Your Brand Blueprint provides the basis for how your brand will be expressed both aesthetically and brought to life through your people.

Think of it as the Brand Owner’s Manual. Anyone who has any form of responsibility for the brand should be able to pick it up and apply it to deliver your brand consistently.

It also defines your signature service style that will be delivered at all your customer touch points.

Brand Vision

Your Brand Vision is an aspirational statement of your ambition for your brand. What you want it to achieve within the context of your business strategy. It’s the spot on the horizon that you’re heading for.

Brand Purpose

This is your ‘why’. It carries with it depth, emotion and passion. It defines the impact your brand will have on the world.

Brand Positioning

Positioning is everything. We work with you to develop a clear and distinctive competitive positioning as the foundation on which your brand will be built.