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Purple offers a range of training programmes for both strategic management, middle/supervisory managers and front line staff .

Setting the context for success

We offer training in our core areas of expertise. Rather than having 'off the peg' programmes, we tailor-make all training - using modules that are currently available and customising to suit your specific learning objectives.

What is also vital (as illustrated in a recent Harvard Business Review article) is that the context for the training is understood - ensuring a fertile organisational culture and leadership so that the training can have maximum impact. 

'The important point is to avoid investing in training without first identifying and beginning to remove barriers that block system effectiveness.'

Mark Grudzinski is a qualified higher education teacher and has experience in putting training and course content together.

'We start with clear learning objectives around the subject and tailor the training for the current knowledge and experience of the participants.'

Our training topics include:

  • Developing an Integrated Brand and Marketing Strategy.
  • Designing and Delivering Distinctive Brand Experiences.
  • How to maximise the effectiveness of your sales team.
  • How to design a service and brand experience that delivers consistently high results for your customer.
  • Implementing successful change management using the techniques of Appreciative Inquiry.

Our approach is relaxed, engaging and fun, ensuring we get the best out of our participants. We tale a 'whole-mind' approach, so that participants are fully involved throughout. We also have a library of workshop tools and techniques to draw upon.

Celebrating Pockets of Excellence!

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Every day, organisations and their people achieve successes –many of which those running them probably no nothing about.

FACT: Pockets of Excellence are often hidden from view.

They are hidden among the special interactions between staff and customers, the satisfying experiences that make customers loyal advocates for the brand.

They are hidden in the operational fixes and shortcuts that keep businesses running and contribute to bottom-line performance.

As part of a training assignment, we help you identify Pockets of Excellence, define them and help you replicate them throughout your organisation using training as the vehicle to achieve this.